Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's In My Bag?

Hello Lovelies,

I got this blog topic from a few girlfriends I was out to dinner with this past weekend.  For some reason, they decided to start rummaging through my purse (more like a small suitcase) and were laughing at the items they found and INSISTED I do a “what’s in my bag” blog.  I keep everything in there but the kitchen sink, but I’ll share with you some of my purse necessities.  

1.)   Band-Aid Friction Block stick: Reminds me of a glue stick. You rub this on the areas that are prone to blisters from wearing those sky high heels!  I LOVE this product and can’t leave home without it.  Because I’m a Shorty, I rarely leave home without heels, and this has SAVED my feet! You’re welcome girls.

2.)    Lip Stain: For all my chapstick fanatics out there, lip stain is your new best friend.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE chapstick (my favorite is Burt’s Bees) so, with lip stain, you can apply, allow it to dry, and add your favorite chapstick on top.  Colorful lips and functionality?  YES! Covergirl makes a great lip stain in a variety of colors ($7.99) and so does The Body Shop ($14). Stain away!

3.)    Perfume Rollerball: Most of your favorite perfumes come in a handy rollerball size which is perfect for a purse and won’t spill!  Victoria’s Secret has a bunch of these directly by the checkout line for about $10 each.  Smell good all the time :)

4.)    Baby Wipes: WHAT? I know. I’m crazy. But I love them. Baby wipes are perfect for removing makeup in a flash and removing spilt stains from clothing!  No bambinos? Still functional for adults.

5.)    Hand Sanitizer:  Wash hands as much as possible in the winter to prevent colds!

6.)    Travel Size toothbrush and toothpaste:   I don’t use any type of whitening system for my teeth on a regular basis, but I am a teethbrushaholic.  I brush my teeth probably five times a day, so I always have my trusty travel sized ready.  Sugar free minty gum is a must have too!

7.)    Business Cards: You never know who you’re going to run in to.  Always have these ready to hand out.  Networking is key. The cute little case doesn't hurt :)

8.)    Oil Blotting Sheets:  Grab these instead of packing on pressed powder to control oil.  Same effect and won’t clog pores!  MAC makes great ones and for an inexpensive option, Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets. 

9.)    Pain Reliever:  Tylenol is always on standby.   

So now that I’ve exposed what’s in my handbag, I hope everyone picked up some useful knowledge.  Let me know if you have any questions!  



  1. So... I am literally going on my lunch break to buy the friction block Sabe. I have never heard of it and I dont wear heels often to when I do my feet tend to hurt terribly! Thanks for all the great tips, I amloving this blog!- J.Miante

  2. I especially love this post! I love that your a teethbrushaholic! And I remember using that friction block at Jenny and Strattons Wedding, thanks again it was good stuff!
    Michelle S.