Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eyeliner It Up

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday.  I got to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family and my mom; then wrapped up the weekend with friends. I am one blessed chick.  So now that we've all eaten our faces off and probably had one to many cocktails, let's find a way to brighten up our eyes!

I've been asked a few questions about eyeliner types so I'm going to give you the low-down on some of my favorites!

In a nutshell, there are three main types of eyeliners: Pencil, Liquid, and Gel.  Pencil is easiest to use and great for lining your eyes' inner rims.  Liquid is the way to go for a precise cat-eye.  Gel liner is easier to use than liquid--it's good for dotting between lashes. 

Here are a few more tips:

*Always apply eyeliner before your mascara.  If you try to line after mascara, you'll end up with a case of lashes clumps.

*Lining Physics 101: The thinner and sharper the pencil tip, the more precise the line.  The fatter and duller the top, the smudgier the line.

*Pencil liner gone all stubborn and hard to apply?  Blast the top with your hair dryer for a second; the color will glide right on.

*When applying liquid or pencil liner, avoid perfection panic by applying in small strokes, like you're connecting little dashes.

*Gel eyeliner is easier to apply than liquid but offers a similar finish.  Wet a thin eyeliner brush and drag it through the gel eyeliner.  Wait a second so it's not super-wet, then stroke it along the upper lash line.  Easy, dreamy! Gel liner is creamier than other liners so it adds a touch of hydration to the lash line; ideal for the ladies with dry skin.

For eyes that pop, go for my "opposites attract" technique:
  • To make green eyes really sparkle, apply a plum liner.
  • For radiant blue eyes, use brown liner.
  • To intensify brown eyes, try navy liner along the upper lash line.
  • Hazel eyes look golden when you apply forest-or jade-green liner along the upper lash line
A smudge of chocolate brown liner along the upper lash line (close to the roots) looks great on everyone!

Here are some FaceFirst Favorites:
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Keep the questions coming!  Have a wonderful week everyone :)


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  1. When I put on full upper and lower liner, my eyes water or get sleep in them and this causes the liner in the inside corner of my eye to smudge or disappear. What do you suggest?