Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Latest Obsession

Hey guys! 

I only have a few minutes to post but I hope everyone is doing well!  I was in NYC at The Makeup Show a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to stop by the Anastasia booth and have them "make-over" my eye brows.  Anastasia is famous for taming eyebrows for huge celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. 

While at the booth, I picked up the Anastasia Brow Pen and fell in love :)


The pen is soft-tipped and long-wearing.  My favorite part is how easy it is to apply.  Using short strokes, it covers both skin and hair (so if you have any fall out from powder it covers it right up).  It gives your brows such a natural, lush look and works better than any eyebrow pencil or powder I have ever used.  I have used it as a base for my pencil or powder and that works great. On days when I'm in a rush, I use it to fill in sparse areas to give me a fuller look.  It lasts ALL day and doesn't budge.  It's also easily removed with your nightly facewash.

I am hooked.  Thought I'd share. Now, go get you one :)

Have a great week.