Saturday, April 28, 2012

Excuses, Excuses


Okay, here's the deal--I am sick and tired of the "I've been busy" excuse.  Yes, I'm busy. But so is everyone else.  I have been hearing of my blog fans in other states (talking to you, Florida:)  and I am so thankful you guys are dedicated followers.  I am promising to blog more! 

As you can tell, that was quite a hiatus I took from the blog, and I’ve missed blogging dearly.

Unfortunately, missing blogging, and actually starting blogging again after such a long time away from the blog, isn’t easy. In fact, I even had trouble coming up with this post. How to get the words flowing after haven’t written anything in so long?  I journal but I usually end up just writing randoms in my "notes" on my trusty iPhone.  Speaking of the iPhone, I have hopped on the instagram bandwagon and will share a few pictures...

Evening on the beach listening to live music

Healthy Dinner

My dad's chiminea that I converted into planter

Heart shaped rock me and B found walking on the beach

Sunset over the connector

My absolute favorite place to be. Back porch, glass of wine
I am on the way out the door for a busy day of wedding makeup.  I will blog again soon.

Keep the questions and requests coming....