Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tip from Lauren

Hello loveys!

Another amazing part of my job and writing this blog is the feedback I get from all you lovely readers. I am grateful for all of the inquiries and responses. WELL I have a treat for you. One of my amazing FaceFirst readers emailed me this tip on concealers and her success with finding a perfect color for her fair skin complexion.

"hey girl...after reading in ur blog ab colored concealers i wanted to suggest u try one of my personal faves! laura mercier concealers, primers, & "pre-makeup" products work wonders for me (esp w/ fair, oily skin-thx mom hah) k so the under eye perfecter in mauve/rose---amazinggg! its so hard to cover any sort of 'i didnt sleep much last nite' undereye coloration on fair skin! but this stuff is great lol and then my #1 all time, CANT live without...laura mercier secret finish mattifying--one pea size dab literallyyy soaks every ounce of shine present w/out drying- and it literally feels like silk on ur face! kinda pricey @$42-ish for 1oz tube, but worth every. single. penny.--lasted me from beginning of humid summer, to end--and the bottle still has some life to it but anyways...keep posting!! i <3 it!"

Thank you Lauren for this awesome tip. Now I'm going to run out and get some :)

For all of you online shoppers:



Hi Guys!

I always feel like I sound so cheesy when I am constantly gushing about how much I love my job.  I love it even on the craziest days--which is my fault for scheduling myself with so much.  I adore the clients and especially working with brides on their big day.  I always try to make it a fun experience.  It's the most touching feeling to have a bride look in the mirror and tear up with how beautiful she feels--while I sensitively scream "don't cry! it'll ruin the makeup" hehe.  I have a rewarding job on so many levels and have such a bond with each and every client and bride.  I am endlessly thankful for having this opportunity.  I have gotten many "thank you" notes over the past year or two and always save them to look back on.  I wanted to share a few.

I had the pleasure of working with Angela on  her wedding day.  We set up and got glamorous out at her amazing beach house on Folly Beach.  Her sisters, niece, and entire family was out there from Cincinnati.  They were such a fun crew and we had a great time!  Throughout every makeup application or hairstyle I am doing, I try to give helpful hints to the client so that they can walk away with some useful tools that will last them a lifetime.  Here is an email I received from Angela:

"Thank you so much for making me pretty.  I got so many compliments.  I know you don't remember this, but while you were doing my make-up you gave me a tip on eyeshadow colors and technique.  So when we got back to Cincy (Cincinnati) after the wedding, I went out and bought the color you mentioned and a new brush, right?  So I've been doing what you suggested with  my eyes. I  kid you not, just the other day, my NEW husband says "what's going on with your eyes??"  So I thought something was wrong with them, of course!  And he said "your eyes look AMAZING!!"  Thanks for the tip"

How rewarding is that?  Love her.


I work with many middle-aged women.  I love this age group because they need tips on how to apply makeup; because, let's face it, we all age, unfortunately (grrr). Although, if we are lucky, we age gracefully by taking care of our health: eating properly, limiting sun exposure, using the proper facial skincare products.  I had the opportunity to work with Patti, an extremely beautiful middle-aged woman with an equally as beautiful family.  She was so excited to marry her true love and the energy in that room was contagious.  After making her beautiful (she was stunning without makeup), she looked in the mirror and felt like the young, glowing bride that she was.  I was happy.  My job was complete.  I got this email from her the next day:

"Dear Sabra, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did yesterday in transforming me into a princess.  My husband told me how beautiful I looked and I received many compliments thanks to you.  I wore my tiara all day and did not take it off until I went to bed that evening.  Thank you again for making a middle aged woman feel young and beautiful and like a princess on her wedding day.  It was a perfect day.

No matter the age, color of your skin or hair, skin type, problems skin, insecurities, or the occasion; my job requires more than just make-up.  It is about creating a bond with your clients and helping them find tools to create the look for years after that one special day.  
I am lucky. I am thankful.  

Love. Xo