Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tip from Lauren

Hello loveys!

Another amazing part of my job and writing this blog is the feedback I get from all you lovely readers. I am grateful for all of the inquiries and responses. WELL I have a treat for you. One of my amazing FaceFirst readers emailed me this tip on concealers and her success with finding a perfect color for her fair skin complexion.

"hey girl...after reading in ur blog ab colored concealers i wanted to suggest u try one of my personal faves! laura mercier concealers, primers, & "pre-makeup" products work wonders for me (esp w/ fair, oily skin-thx mom hah) k so the under eye perfecter in mauve/rose---amazinggg! its so hard to cover any sort of 'i didnt sleep much last nite' undereye coloration on fair skin! but this stuff is great lol and then my #1 all time, CANT live without...laura mercier secret finish mattifying--one pea size dab literallyyy soaks every ounce of shine present w/out drying- and it literally feels like silk on ur face! kinda pricey @$42-ish for 1oz tube, but worth every. single. penny.--lasted me from beginning of humid summer, to end--and the bottle still has some life to it but anyways...keep posting!! i <3 it!"

Thank you Lauren for this awesome tip. Now I'm going to run out and get some :)

For all of you online shoppers:


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