Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Minute Day Look

Hello lovelies!

WOW, it is pretty humbling to see yourself on tape, but I know that this is an effective way to walk you through an entire look.  I hope you all enjoy it!  Remember, you don’t have to do EVERY step, just make it your own.  Let me know what else you want to see.  Feedback welcome.  Sorry about my puppy barking in the background :)
Also, thanks to my gorgeous model, Dana. She is stunning so it’s not hard to apply makeup when you have a beautiful canvas. 




  1. Is it better to put concealer on after or before foundation?? Or does it matter?

  2. Hey Sabe,
    Awesome Awesome Awesome Video! Dana looks beautiful! Question,do you like that Urban Decay primer better than the MAC stuff we both have? I am almost out of the MAC stuff and if you liked that better I would just buy that. I kinda want to raid your cosmetic bag right about now! Haha

  3. Ronesha, It sort of depends. I put on my under eye concealer, then cover up large blemishes, then put my foundation. After the foundation is applied, if there are any blemishes that need to be touched up again, I do so. Then finish with a setting powder. Hope this helps :) Thanks for the question!!

    Jenny, thanks for the comment :) I absolutely LOVE both products. The MAC paint pot is amazing but it has a sheen, shimmery base. The Urban Decay primer potion (in Eden) has a matte finish with great coverage. So, it depends on what you're looking for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Urban Decay primer. I would highly recommend it for a change :)

  4. Thank you, Keep the vids coming♥

  5. Hey Sabra! Great Post! Thanks for the tips girl! Hope you are doing well!

  6. Thanks Sally!! I am happy you are enjoying it! Keep checking it out and let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to expand on. Also, I know you are doing a lot of photography now, so if you ever need a makeup artist, let me know! I would love to do some complimentary applications for trade of photos for my portfolio. Let me know if you're interested. Hope you are doing AMAZING. Thanks for the love. Let's talk soon.

  7. Okay - So I know I am a little late on my question/post, Sabra. BUT I need an eyeliner that doesn't smear. By the end of the day, it's all over the place. Being a mom of multiples doesn't give me much time to play and have fun with my make-up, but I love eyeliner. Any suggestions as to brand? I have been through them all it seems. And is a pencil better than a liquid or gel?

    Keep it up! This is such a great BLOG! I absolutely LOVE it.

  8. Hi Abi! Never too late for a question :) Eye liner can be tricky, depending on the shape of your eye and how deep set, etc they are. I suggest buying a pencil eyeliner. They are more "user-friendly" and you can apply it as thin or as thick as you'd like. I have a "Trish McEvoy" eyeliner in black. This is a little pricey. For an inexpensive option I love covergirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner. My suggestion for helping it STAY put is taking an angled eyeliner brush and tapping eyeshadow powder (same color as the liner) over top. This will set the liner to help it last all day. Hope this helps :) Keep the questions coming.