Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring/Summer Switcharoo

Hiiiiii dolls!

This week has been crazy and this weekend is going to be crazier.  Yesterday, I was a part of an AMAZING photo shoot for an up and coming jewelry designer: Caloju.  The jewelry is fun and colorful so I got to have fun with the makeup.  I also did the hair for this shoot.  Here's a preview:

This week I get to work with several brides for wedding day trials and this weekend I have two BIG weddings and I am working on a fun photo shoot on Easter Sunday.  It's with an amazing photographer, Jolie Connor and the theme is "heartbreak".  I can certainly relate so should be a creatively challenging and fun day. 

Alright guys, now that you know what I've been up to, I want to give you some quick information about changing up your summer makeup.  Think: Less is more.  Take your beauty cues from the ultimate authority: Mother Nature.  She changes things up; so should you!

Play with floral shades like roses and pinks; put away dark shades like wines and burgundies.  Sweep a little shimmery golden bronzer over tanned skin to accentuate your glow :)

Pink lips look great on tanned faces.  This combo also makes your teeth appear whiter.  A bright coral lipstick topped with a sheer, shimmery bronze gloss perks up your entire face, no matter what your skin tone. 

For a relaxed and pretty day time look, add a subtle wash of eye color (I like pearly whites and pinks) and a dab of lip balm.

Keep it simple.  I hope everyone has an amazing Easter weekend and enjoys their time with loved ones. 

Until next time...Xo

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