Friday, April 15, 2011

MAC purchases

Hey loves!

YAY it's Friday!  I'm ready for a fun-filled weekend. I have my first Saturday off in months so I am going to redecorate my spare bedroom--exciting stuff ;)

Ok, let's get down to business.  If you had $100 to spend at MAC, what would you get?  Let's face it, I put A LOT of makeup suggestions on here and you would go broke purchasing every item I love.  I decided to put together a list of items I would purchase with a $100 spending limit.  This is affordable for everyone, you will LOVE the products, and thank me later :)  I hope this helps!

Fix + Spray

Love, Love, Love!  I use it everyday after I finish my makeup to give my skin that youthful glow.   You can also mix it with pigments to get a wet eyeshadow look, or spray on your sponge before applying foundation.

Price: $19

217 Brush

My all-time favorite brush.  I love it because it’s stiff and dome shaped which is great for smoking out eyeshadows, blending colors in the crease, or feathering colors together.  You can even use it to apply cream products to the lid as it gives a soft application.  This brush is a staple in my everyday kit!

Price: $22.50

219 Brush

This is another favorite brush of mine that I use every day!  It’s the perfect brush for smudging eyeshadow along the lashline, defining the crease, or creating the perfect “outer V”.  

Price: $24.50

Expensive Pink Eyeshadow

MAC has well over 100 eyeshadows, and most all of them are pretty.  But… this one is very unique to me and looks great on just about anyone!  It’s a medium pink color that works well for an everyday look, and since it is a warm pink, it is flattering.  I can’t think of any other brands that have this exact color.

Price: $11.00  (for the refill pan)

Amber Lights Eyeshadow

This is another gorgeous color that looks good on everyone, and I mean EVERYONE.  I haven’t found a client yet that this doesn’t look great on.  It’s a warm golden bronze color that can be toned down for an everyday look, or paired with a black shadow for a fantastic date night look.   There are some brands that have colors close to this, but it’s not quite the same texture or richly pigmented like this one!

Price: $11.00

Blacktrack Fluidline

I am a 100% addict to gel or cream eyeliners.  They glide easily, last a long time, are rich in color, and are easy to apply.  I like this MAC one since the gel formula doesn’t dry out and look cakey on my eyes.  I love to dip an eyeliner pencil in it to line my waterline, or use a bent liner brush for that perfect winged liner.  You can choose from 6 colors of fluidlines, but the black one can be used everyday.

Price: $15.00

Total cost for this shopping trip:   $105 (ok, so I was $5 off- give up Starbucks for one day :))

Hope everyone has a fun weekend. BE safe.  Get all glammed up and experiment with your make-up.  Practice is key.


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