Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flaw-Erasing Concealers

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Concealer is my best friend. I rarely leave home without it.  Since few of us have truly perfect skin, concealer is a must-have in most makeup bags.  Different from foundation and powder, concealer is thicker to better cover flaws. 

If you're using concealer to hide under eye circles, apply concealer to the inner and outer corners of the eye, and the inner corner of the bridge of the nose, gently patting it in.


With a blend of anti-puff ingredients, like peptides that target the fluid that causes tired-looking eyes, Chanel Life Lumiere Concealer instantly lightens dark circles to perfect the eye area. 


The Benefit of Colored Concealers

Concealers come in a variety of pastel hues, and each serves a purpose.  When applying them, use only on the discolored area, followed by your regular concealer so that the color doesn't come through.  

Green: Light green concealers will cover redness in the skin, common of acne, scars, and birthmarks.

Pink: Pink shades balance out blue and gray tones, which tend to show up under eyes.

Yellow: Yellow-based concealers brighten by evening out pink tones.

Orange and Peach:  Great for darker skin, orangey shades correct blue tones under the eyes.

Purple and Blue:  Cool colors like purple and blue counteract yellowness in the skin to brighten. 

I hope this helps.  Concealer is a weapon that is commonly misused.   Use it the right way, in the correct color, and it can work WONDERS.  Have any questions?  Ask away...

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