Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nail Envy

Hey guys!

Happy Hump day!

Brace yourself for what I am about to say [drum roll]…I may be the only girl on the face of the planet who does NOT enjoy getting a manicure/pedicure.  Let me rephrase that, it’s not that I necessarily DISLIKE the process, but I end up doing more work at the nail salon than the nail tech does, so it’s never a relaxing experience.  I am a perfectionist, so I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve walked out of the nail salon and didn’t think “well, I could have done a better job than them. That was a waste of $100”.   Let's face it, we could all save the money and do it ourselves!  

I rarely ever have bare nails.  I know how I like my cuticles, the length of the nail, the shape, the base coat, top coat, etc.  I’m crazy; I know that’s what you’re thinking.  It’s kind of like the 10 times I’ve gone to get my makeup professionally done at a makeup counter--won't mention any names--and walked out of there looking like Bozo the clown and washed it off and re-did it ALL myself.  Now that I’ve expressed how obsessive I am over my nails—because I don’t have better things to stress over--let’s discuss a few of my FAVORITE things when it comes to getting a flawless “do it yourself”  manicure/pedicure.  

1.)  Cuticles
        -Okay, cuticles I'm not the best with.  They kind of skeeve me out.  Regardless, they have to be managed and I have found that the easiest, most effective way of handling cuticles is by using a cuticle oil pen.  This Essie Cuticle pen is hypoallergenic and softens and moisturizes cuticles.  LOVE IT!

Essie Cuticle Oil Pen-$6

2.)  Base Coat

       -My favorite is OPI Nail Envy.  Gives dry, brittle nails the strength to LAST!

Retails for $15

3.)   Color Me Fancy :)

      Here are three FaceFirst Faves that will be great for the Holidays:

     -Essie:  Ballet Slippers.  This is a classic, barely there pink polish that will flatter any skin color.

Retails for around $8

     -Essie:  Plumberry.  A fun take on your standard red nail polish.  The perfect pop of color for your        digits!

     -Essie:  Hot Cocoa.  This is my absolute favorite!  A mix of grey and brown, such a hot trend right now and goes with everything you wear!

4.) Top it Off
     -Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Clear has changed my life!  You can put it on as your top coat and your nails are DRY as a bone within five minutes. It's amazing!  No more tacky, smudged nails ladies.  

You should be well on your way to a perfect manicure/pedicure.  Hope this helps.  Have a wonderful night everyone!


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