Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day to Night

Hello gorgeous!

WOW, December is always such a busy month.  I am thankful to be getting out of town for the Holidays.  This weekend I am heading to New York City with a few of my best friends.  Girls trip at it's finest :)  I come back and have one day in Charleston before embarking on a five day cruise with the family.  From 20º weather to 80º, we'll see how much body adjusts to that!  Should be an interesting Christmas.

I'm sure everyone's social calendars are buzzing right now and with all those Holiday dinners and parties, few women have the time or energy to clean their faces at the end of the workday to redo their makeup for a night out.  Instead, they want a few quick tricks to make a simple transition from office to evening.  Since lighting is often softer at night and the occasions dressier; the idea is to make the face look a bit more dramatic than during the day.

Use these tips for transforming a day face into an evening face:
  • Start with a touch of eye cream to smooth out existing concealer.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream-$12.99
  • Apply foundation as needed to cover any blemishes and even out skin tone.
Nars Sheer Matte $42

  • Use a blush that is slightly brighter than the one used for a daytime look.  Just add a pop of color to the apple of the cheeks.  I am in LOVE with Nars in Dolce Vita.  Also, a cream blush under foundation will give you a subtle look and then you can add the extra va va voom on the apples.  

    • Use shimmer on the lips, eyes, or cheeks to make the face look dressed up.  *Warning: Too much shimmer will look overdone, so don't use it on all three areas at the same time. You are not a disco ball.  I love Neutrogena Shimmer Sheers.  It's great on eyes, lips, OR cheeks. Three-in-one?  Is it too good to be true?  Nope! It can be yours for only about $8

      • Switch to a darker shade of lipstick.  Red or burgundy will add drama to your look.  Or try a sheer shade paired with a more dramatic eye.

      YSL Lipstick Red Muse $34.00

      • Add drama to eyes by sweeping on a darker shadow as a liner and applying plenty of black mascara.  A smoky eye is always sexy for night looks.  Applying white as a highlighter under the brow bone is also a great evening look.
      Stila Smokey Eye Talking Palette $34

        • Spritz on some perfume!
        Angel $90

          •  Pair shimmery bronzer with smoky brown eyes, bronze cheeks, and copper lips.  Add shimmer to either lips or eyes, not both.
          Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick $38

          • For very special occasions, don't be afraid to go all out.  Cool colors such as white, platinum, gunmetal, and slate work on the eyes with black liner and false eyelashes.  Using a pale pink with a hint of shimmer on the cheeks and soft beige or sandy pink gloss on the lips will look great.
          NYX 3 Color Eyeshadow # TS01-$10

            • Use an oil-control lotion on oily areas of the face to keep it shine-free.

            This should easily take you from a day to night look in five minutes flat!  I'm going to be busy the next few weeks, but will take plenty of pictures to document my adventures :)  I'll try to post here and there.  I'll have another video blog for you soon.  Hope everyone is doing well. 

            Until next time...



              1. This is very informative Sabe! I def. need these tips for the holidays!