Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink Pout

Hi All!

Phew, we are clear from the hurricane, aside from some sick swell and rain, which is all good news to me! My first appointment cancelled so I am bored and have time to blog.  Pink lipstick is a trend that has taken some trial and error for me to master. I am tan, so light shades don't work for me.  Today, I am rocking Passion by Revlon.

Throw this on with some black mascara and voila!  Perfect look for transitioning into fall.  Try the pink while it's still warm.  You'll love. 

Here are some pics of me playing around.  I can't take myself too seriously hence the cheeseball faces, but thought you'd like to see it on my skin tone too. Showing off another trend I'm loving --two tone nail polishes.  Paint one nail a contrasting color.  fun fun :)

creepy duck lips.
Until next time...MUWAH...Xo

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  1. I love that we have such similar skin tones cause you can be my guinea pig and I can just go out and get it and know it will look great!! thanks!!:)