Monday, September 10, 2012

How to: Eyebrows

In my opinion, the hardest part in doing makeup is the eyebrows.  I've encountered different kinds of eyebrows: over plucked, shaved in half, bushy, brows with patchy no hair areas, etc.  We read it all the time, that when we do our brows we should follow the natural shape. That works sometimes when your own brows have a nice shape.  But you sometimes have to go in and change the shape of the brows either by plucking/trimming or filling them in. 

The main point of the eyebrows are: the starting point, the arch, and the end point.  This one you see in all those magazine and books where you measure by aligning a straight object (a brush) along the side of your nose to the corners of your eye (end point), side of your nose along your eye (arch), side of the bridge of your nose towards you forehead (starting point).  I know, to some of you, this might sound like a foreign language, so here's an image for you.  You can use these lines as guidelines when shaping your brows or drawing them on.

There are a TON of eyebrow products in the market now.  There are brow powders, pencils, and creams.  I've tried all three.  Personally, I like a powder.  I like that it gives you more control and isn't too overpowering.  Often, I grab a brown matte eyeshadow and use this. Works just as good :)  My favorite eyebrow pencil is the Laura Mercier Eyebrow pencil because you can slowly build color and it doesn't cake.

I like to start filling in my brows in the middle and work my way down to the end point where it should be the darkest. My own brows don't have an arch from the several times I've over-plucked.  I make sure that the arch on both sides are the same before I move on to the starting point.  The starting point should be squar-ish in shape and a tad bit lighter than the middle and end point of brow.  If it gets too dark, I go back and lighten it with a Q-tip. 

One last order to lighten/darken brows (to coincide with your current hair color) can do-so  using MAC's brow set.  This will both set the brows and tint the color accordingly. 

Now, go play!!!

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  1. love this and yes I agree - thanks for the tips