Monday, January 23, 2012

Braids Galore

I am so excited!!!

I have a weakness for braids. Loose braids, French braids, fish braids, sleek braids, braid buns....ok I'll stop; starting to sound like bubba gump.

How will you be wearing your hair in 2012?

The uneven cut is the first short hair trend for 2012, I've been rocking that for a while now and am craving something different. Experts are predicting more short hair trends to try in 2012 so I'll keep you posted on those.


Not since the 90s has short hair been such a mainstream trend, but what about those of you--that I envy--with long hair?

Here are some ways to update your hairstyle for 2012.

The 2011 trend for braids is really hitting its stride in 2012. There will be more variations than we’ve ever seen before.

You’ll want to grow your hair (or try clip in extensions) to achieve these beautiful braided 'dos.

I miss my long hair! In my best Snookie voice... "WAHHH"!!

SO, short hair or long hair, work with what you've got :)


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